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  • Tanya Gabriel, MA, LMHC

Mindful Monday- Muse Meditation

Ever wonder what your brain looks like when you meditate? Well, now you can keep track of your mindfulness practice using this amazing brain sensing headband! MUSE- the brain sensing headband, is a neat way to enhance your mindfulness practice. It uses realtime feedback to let you know when your mind has wandered during your practice. The app can be downloaded onto your smart phone and there are a variety of soundscapes to choose from. Whether you want to meditate for 3 minutes or 1 hour, you get to choose your practice time from day to day. MUSE will send you notifications and reminders, insights, and tips on how to deepen your practice.

In this short meditation, we will train our awareness like a puppy. Each time the "puppy" wanders off, we simply return the sitting in the stillness of our breath. You'll get to experience my practice as we listen to the birds chirp each time my brain enters into a calm state. Listen for the weather changing each time my mind begins to wander.

I hope you find this inspiring and make some time for yourself today and everyday to practice being present with yourself.

Tanya Gabriel, MA, LMHC provides affordable counseling and mindfulness instruction. She is passionate about teaching present moment awareness to her community.

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