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Meditation videos geared towards beginners

Mindfulness Video Series- These video offerings are geared towards beginners and aim to help reduce stress and increase awareness in daily life. Access to these videos are free for the community.

Guided Meditation Audio

Soundcloud meditations

Free guided meditations to help facilitate your mindfulness practice. For more recordings click here.

  • Mindfulness of Breath

  • Body Scan

  • 3 minute breathing space

  • Guided meditation

  • Loving Kindness

In this six week course, you will learn . . .


  • ​The fundamental elements of mindfulness.


  • How to relate to unwelcome thoughts.

  • How to create space for painful emotions.

  • How to communicate mindfully in relationships.

  • Habits that support mindful living.

  • ​How to create and maintain a daily meditation practice.

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